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1. About REVELAbiome in general

1.1. What is REVELAbiome?

An easy-to-use, at-home microbiome monitoring kit which reveals the unique fingerprint of your pet’s microbiome (NB for cats and dogs only).

The microbiome is a system of microorganisms (i.e. bacteria, fungi etc.). The microorganisms in your pet’s gut can contribute to their overall health and if not properly maintained (i.e. there are imbalances) they can lead to a variety of diseases (e.g. allergies, obesity, diabetes, mood changes, IBD…).

With REVELAbiome, you will visualise the microbiome in an unprecedented, intuitive way and obtain personalised health insights and actionable recommendations on how to influence it and thus support the health of your pet.

1.2. How does REVELAbiome work?

1.3. What will I get?

1.4. What is inside the REVELAbiome box?

1.5. What does REVELAbiome analyse?

2. About sample collection

2.1. How should I collect faecal material?

2.2. Where can I find the material required for the collection of the sample?

2.3. How fresh should the sample be?

2.4. Is it safe?

2.5. It looks like the collection vial is half full of liquid. Is this normal?

2.6. My pet’s faecal sample does not dissolve completely in the stabilizing solution. Is this normal?

3. About sample registration

3.1. How should I register my sample?

3.2. Why must I register my sample before mailing it?

3.3. Where can I find my collection tube identifier (tube ID)?

3.4. Why should I answer the questionnaire?

4. About sample mailing

4.1. Do I need to take special measures when mailing the sample?

4.2. How long can I wait before mailing my sample?

4.3. Is the integrity of my sample preserved during shipment?

5. About REVELAbiome report

5.1. When should I receive my report?

5.2. What will I see in my report?